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About Us


Inua green initiative is a community based organisation which aims at empowering farmers in arid and semi arid areas of Laikipia County by equipping them with affordable and sustainable farming methods.

The initiative provides range of services which include training farmers on best farming practices, youth empowerment program.

We have a dedicated team that works part time and are available out of their working hours.


Our mission is to introduce simple and affordable farming solutions to every Kenyan household to help them increase food production and incomes.

Our vision is to feed all of Kenya’s people through a portfolio of sustainable farming methods, creating enduring value, abundance and opportunities to all in order to solve the food crisis in Kenya.


Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world. We believe in leadership, collaboration, innovation, passion, and quality. We are confident we have the courage to shape a better future through leveraging collective genius and inspiring the farming industry. We are committed in the heart and mind and whatever we do we do it well. We are focused on the needs of our consumers and franchise partners and work smart by acting with urgency.



Inua Green Initiative is a community based organisation that was founded in 2013  with the aim of improving the mostly inefficient methods of farming that were being practiced. This was mostly to be achieved through organising and finding volunteer professionals to offer training and extension services to the farmers.

The group grew and with donations from those who believed in the course and contributions from the founding members (now young professionals) was registered and now competitively recruits Agricultural extension officers on varied contracts to offer the extension services on a full time basis.